Development Process

A significant portion of our initial consultation sessions with our clients is rooted in education.  Not only do we educate our clients but require them to educate Orthoweb Inc on their products and company philosophy. Orthoweb Inc will ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.

Research and Definition

Planning and Strategy

Information and Site Architecture

Site and Database Development

Testing & Support

Site Development/Coding

The entire site will be built using CSS platform (tables will not be used). All code will be clean and concise. Any Member Login sections will be designed to allow us to build a clean database. The main content (body) section will grow based on the amount of content per page. All interactive links will have a rollover action applied to them.

Hosting Services / Domain Names

Your site will be hosted and managed by Orthoweb Inc. on our server. Hostings fees and domain name management will be invoiced annually. We would maintain and provide you with all services required to keep your site up and running.

Content Management System

If the client prefers to manage content changes on their own, then a CMS will be provided at a fee. This will allow the user to make copy changes ONLY, to upload PDFs, changes images and/or allow the administrator to add and delete members from the member database.

End users with no prior HTML or web designing experience or knowledge can easily modify the contents of their website using a password protected web browser interface.

Login Account (Member Section)

Creation of an Administrator password protected web browser interface, administrators can add, modify and delete accounts

Personal information / Password
This will allow the user to change their email address and their password. If they decide to change their email address, we will indicate that a NEW password will be issued to this new email address for verification purposes. At this point they will be given the option to proceed with the email change or not. If they choose to change their email address, we will send a new password that they can change once they have logged in again

Pages designated to be accessible only through the password gateway will be protected.